Assessment and Management of Aphasia, Selected From Medical Speech-Language Pathology: A Practitioner's Guide, 3e, Alex F. Johnson and Barbara H. Jacobson, 2016

Medical Speech-Language Pathology. A Practitioner's Guide

Source: Johnson A, Jacobson B, ed. Medical Speech-Language Pathology. A Practitioner's Guide. 3rd Edition. Thieme; 2016.

This chapter is an overview of current principles and methods for assessment and management of acquired aphasia in adults in post-acute clinical settings. Current evidence-based approaches to aphasia treatment and management are emphasized, as well as the practical clinical decisions involved in designing treatment for individuals and stroke survivor groups.

Case - Auditory Neuroma


A Profound Phonological Disorder in a Preschooler. In: Branski R, Molfenter S, ed. Speech-Language Pathology Casebook. 1st Edition. Thieme; 2020. doi:10.1055/b-006-161113
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